miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015


Eternal Dream - Adina packs 01 & 02 two packs of 5 Mermaid poses each
available for the Fantasy Faire until the day 3 May
~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair - Light browns//Pearl&teal available in gacha 

*Skin and Lipstick:
* Morphine : Ghail Medium Skintone (Smoky/BrownBrow w/CL)
* Morphine : Ghail's Metallic Pink Lips (Medium w/ Teeth)
 * Morphine (not available at this time sorry)

Well explain this is a little more complicated because I have taken two outfit to create my dress mermaid mixing them to my taste but since both are free you put them both and just mix to your taste

Outfit Part 1: 
I used the top, tatoos face and arms and some of the side flaps
Taliesins Tails Two Moon Paradise Deep sea  Dance Gift

Outfit Part 2:  
I used all the bottom of the assembly both mesh body Mermaid, as the fins Gift 

*Thanks for support ❤   


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