lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Photocontest Anniversary INNUENDO ITALIAN STYLE


For 3° anniversary of  brand INNUENDO  Italian Style  holding a competition, aims to involve all lovers of fashion, you be women than men, to entertain you creating your own style according to your personality.
part is simple, fun to combine to combine styles by choosing from the clothes line casual woman, glamor, and do not forget the accessories such as make-up line

competition is open to men too, who are invited to choose between the lines as casual and formal as

In short follow the style innuendo means being fashionable, fun to play with colors and shapes of clothes and get involved by your imagination

The contest will be held inside the main, start late contest contest 19/6/2012 30/6/2012
will be held as follows:
All participants are invited to create their own personal outfit, according to your taste and imagination, choosing from the clothes located inside the main, be it the casual line, either formally, or swimmwear wedding, the same goes for men participants.
fun to take a photo of your creation and send it

Ciccia Bergamasco   ( Owner INNUENDO Italian Style)
Trudina Foxtrot            ( Manager INNUENDO Italian Style)

photos will be displayed inside the main store, from day 6/26 then you will have time for day 6/19 up to day 6/25 to deliver your photos will be displayed on a panel from day 6/26 , which will allow the counting of the votes of the participants via a simple click, and then invite your friends to votarvi, the photos remain on display until day 7/3 last day of the contest.
This day will be declared the winner or winners of the contest, the player who has been able to better interpret their own style with the fancy INNUENDO Italian Style  and who will naturalemnte raggointo the most support from the voters.BUT CAUTION 'LAST DAY OF THE CONTEST OF THE BLOGGERS Innuendo express BRAND MARK FROM ONE TO TEN AND THESE VOTES WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR SCORE CONTEST, SO WHY THIS ATTENTION ALL could reverse, so have fun creating your own style and invite your friends to vote for it

There will be 3 winners respectively:

1 Award 1000l + gift card ( 1000l)

2 Award: gift card ( 1000l)

3 Award: gift ( 800l)

The first winner also will be made a part of our photosession by  Innuendo blogger and published on BLOG OFFICIAL WEBSITE and  Innuendo bloggers on the group page on facebook

7/4/2012 days there will be a party to the main Innuendo where they will be invited to attend all the competitors,
and their closest friends to celebrate the winners and pass along a wonderful evening with friends and lots of music

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