viernes, 11 de octubre de 2019

✿.。.: * Look 1962.:。 ✿

Hair: Doe: Blip - Fatpack -HUD - Blonde Colors
Head: LAQ Bento head - Noelle
The Shape is made by me based on the original base of the head itself
Skin: LAQ ~ Giulia skin tone 1.5 and lashes n17
Outfit: adorsy - Kerry Set - Fatpack
*adorsy - Kerry Bodysuit Fatpack - Maitreya/Freya, It comes in 50 textures
 (35 standard colors + 15 prints). Tucked Versions incluided to fit with more bottoms.
You can dress it in Top version
Skirt in two versions:
* adorsy - Kerry Skirt Fatpack - Maitreya/Freya Standar
50 textures (35 standard colors + 15 prints)
* adorsy - Kerry Jean Skirt Fatpack - Maitreya/Freya
 Denim 20 Textures
9.DD Westwood Key Art Gacha
12.DD Westwood Macramelamp Gacha 
11.DD West Wood Watering Can Gacha
13.DD Westwood Dresser Gacha
14.DD Westwood House Plant Gacha
2.DD Westwood Slouch Chair RARE Gacha
1.DD Westwood Arm Chair RARE Gacha
4.DD Westwood Book Stack Gacha
5.DD Westwood Table Plant Gacha 
3.DD Westwood Coffee Table Gacha 
6.DD Westwood Vintage Rug Gacha
7.DD Westwood Old Rug Gacha
10.DD Westwood Gold Planter Gacha
 ❤ Background: MudHoney Photo Room 1 Gacha
Thanks for support ❤

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