lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

✿.。.:* Look 1398 *.:。✿ Elves Working

*Eternal Dream* ADV2015 Making Christmas 01 (wear or add) Gift advent calendar day 1 December in *Eternal Dream* ADV2015 Making Christmas 01
[e] Aubrey - Essentials

Skin and Lips color:
-Belleza- Ria Med FLF Makeup 1 Lt Br and -Belleza- Ria Med FLF Red Lip last promo Fifty Linden Fridays -Belleza- 
Female Christmas Outfit -*[Sweet Santa]* 
incluides necklace, hat with or without decoration, hand gab with or without decoration (no in imagen), dress, leggins, blush and lips red, and leather boots New!! 

*Thanks for support ❤  

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