miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

✿.。.:* Look 1326 *.:。✿ With my pets

Amacci Hair - Aurora 1 25% donation to Wigs for Kids. New!!
There are  5 color packs - blond, brown, black/whites, red and crazy - which each include 20 solid colors and 7-9 faded colors and There is also one Variant pack which contains selections from all of the color packs, 20 solid colors and 9 faded
 *IW* Liv in Fuchsia Incluides Shoes for SFF New!!
My three loves:
 .tsg. Yorkie Puppies - Vanilla Hairbow 1
Alchemy - Doge -  French bulldog - Snow 
Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - White 
The chicken infiltrated photo ㋡
*Thanks for support ❤  


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